Nonmetallic Division

PEC’s dedicated team of engineers, offer demonstrated levels On site Services. PEC assesses site conditions and works together with clients to develop effective rehabilitation solutions. Our services include:
1-Installation of Nonmetallic Products (FRP, Thermoplastic, HDPE, LDPE, CPVC, rubber lining, etc.) pipes, Fittings, Spool fabrication and tanks lining.
2-In house Engineering (isometric and shop spool drawings and AWWA calculation) and Pipe System Design by the ISO 9001 accredited.
3-Project Management & QA/QC Documentation,
4-Shop Inspection and Testing for raw materials.
5-Project Quality, HSE Plans and Quality Procedures.
6-Materials selection and technical advice for projects, operations, modifications and maintenance.
7- Fitness for service assessments against a range of degradation mechanisms.
8-Initiate and set standards/ specification for all the non-metallic practices including quality control, recommends the most suitable products, methods to product used and application techniques.
9-Installation of tanks and vessels liners for carbon steel piping, down whole tubing and casing, composite repair systems, etc