DKiT® is an advanced system for long-term protection to prevent problems of corrosion or low mechanical damages. DKiT® has been developed to increase structure lifetime of any type of supports damaged by low corrosion. In railway industry, it offers the great advantage to be applied without stopping traffic.

It is a non-metallic technical alternative to metallic reinforcements and concrete bases. Thoroughly tested in laboratories, DKiT® is a 3X ENGINEERING (3X) patented concept that protects your structure against environmental aggressions.

3X original concept is the combination of 3 specific products: - Anti-corrosion coating (R3X1050) - Waterproofing coating (F3X290) - Anti-UV & impact protective coating (C3X100HV) DKiT® is recommended to protect new supports or supports with low external corrosion at temperatures between -20°C (-4°F) and +55°C (+131°F). This protection is made of high-bonding resin for steel and concrete (R3X1050), an elastomeric filler allowing drainage of water and an anti-UV & impact protective coating (C3X100HV).

These specific resins allow excellent protection against deterioration and high-strength



• Avoid corrosion and water infiltration in the concrete basement

• Ensure structures integrity and sustainability

• Protect from climatic aggressions, UV and impacts



• Installation without stopping production or traffic

• Complex maintenance avoided

• Cost-effective installation

• Fast and easy implementation



• Suitable for all kind of supports

• Suitable for all kind of structures built in concrete

• New or old damaged structure