Chesterton ARC I BX1

Chesterton ARC I BX1

​​​​​​​100% solids, impact resistant, ceramic reinforced, epoxy/urethane hybrid coating for severe abrasive wear and impact resistance.

ARC I BX1 industrial coating is designed to:

  • Protect surfaces exposed to impact <50 ft lb (<68 Nm) and sliding abrasion​
  • Provide a longer lasting alternative to rubber lining and ceramic tiles
  • Resist direct as well as reverse impact forces 
  • ​Easily apply by trowel​ 

ِApplication Areas :

Slurry pump cutwaters
Slurry pumps
Discharge plates
Vibrating screen decks
Slurry elbows
Pulverizer exhausters
Pumpline repair​
Rubber insert repair