Composite Repair Products/ Leak Sealing

Power engineering Corporation partnering with 3X Engineering are providing :

STOPKiT® is the most efficient repair in the world able to seal a leak online in few minutes.

It stops various types of leak (oil, gas, water …) on pipe diameters from 4’’ to 56’’ and is also applicable on specific geometries (oval pipe, elbow) and irregularities like welds.

This patented product is an emergency and temporary system and is available under several models (depending on pipe and hole diameter) and for various environments (onshore, offshore and subsea).

Pressure up to 80 bars can be stopped for hole diameter inferior to 10mm (patch size 50x100mm). In case of hole diameter up to 50mm, leaks can be sealed up to 30 bars (patch size 100x100mm). The installation can be done without shutting down the line pressure.

Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS)

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