Mechanical Packings & Gaskets/ Live Loading systems

Live loading was designed to provide systems for long -term, reliable, leak-free sealing. A live loaded system also guarantees emission -free sealing. Live loading provides approximately 10 times the stored energy through the use of a spring set in order to maintain a load on the sealing mechanism. live loading is typically use when the following environments are present:

  • Vibration
  • Thermal cycling
  • Automatic adjustments are required
  • Critical applications


Live loading sealing systems are designed to meet current and future emission regulations as well as to minimize product loss and costs associated with product and/or emission leakage.



Live loading can add up to cost savings in maintenance time, reduced man-hours, clean -up , lost product, and plant availability .

In conventional equipment, the bolt load, bolt stretch and elasticity of the packing are the only factors which maintain sealing. Live loading eliminates the need for high bolt loads and bolt stretch, also allowing the use of less porous or non-porous sealing materials. The amount of stored energy is many times greater than the previous methods. Live loading constantly compensates for wear and increases the life of the sealing mechanism.


Can be used for Valves, Flanges,Pumps and heat exchangers.