Composite Coatings
Chesterton’s ARC coating provides superior performance against erosion, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack. Industry faces adverse environmental conditions that attack components and structures and result in compromised plant reliability and safety and lost profits. When cementitious or metallic surfaces are subject to aggressive industrial application environments you can rely on Chesterton's 100% solids, low VOC protective linings.


Packings & Gaskets
With continuous research and state-of-the-art advancement, Chesterton can offer a full-line of packing and gasketing technology that delivers the highest performing sealing systems for a wide range of applications. Our packings and gaskets offer maximum reliability and low leakage rates for maximum impact.


Technical Products
Through extensive analysis of plant operations and of the root causes of equipment failures, Chesterton has developed a broad range of lubricants, cleaners, and MRO technologies to help you in your everyday work. Chesterton’s Technical Products offer high performance solutions for maintenance and repair operations. Our products are engineered to optimize process reliability, maximize up-time, extend equipment life, and lower total operating costs.


Polymer Seals
At Chesterton, the Engineered Polymer Solutions Group manufacturers high-performance polymer seals that are designed for use in a broad range of hydraulic, pneumatic, and rotating equipment. Polymeric solutions range from a wide range of standardized polymeric seals to custom solutions designed for specific applications to offer optimal value.


Mechanical Seals
Chesterton offers a wide range of mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, mixers, and other rotating equipment. Our proven component, gas, cartridge, cassette, split, and mixer seals are specifically designed to simplify installation, improve the reliability, and extend the performance of your fluid handling equipment.


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