Manpower Services


The company has been supplying skilled and semi-skilled laborers to the Middle East and South East Asia since 1999. We have not only earned a commendable reputation but have also become leading and most reliable manpower supply agencies.
The company has supplied youth of high capacity, capability and quality after providing necessary training if required in order to meet the specified demand. It has been supplying all categories of manpower required by:

  • Construction companies
  • Maintenance
  • Facility management
  • Hotels and tourism
  • Cleaning companies
  • Transport companies
  • Hospitals
  • Schools …etc.
  • The selection of the youth is based on many parameter from it we mention (honesty - loyalty – history - experience – qualification)
    We are checking every individual selected by this company should not be rejected neither by medical nor by leagle nor by any other applied constrain for hi category and future country of working.


    Unskilled Manpower
     Watchmen & Guards
     Agriculture Laborers & Farmers
     Industrial Laborers
     Office Boys
    Airport Loaders


    Skilled Manpower
    Junior Engineers, Technicians in Engineering Technologies
    Male and Female Nurses
    Laboratory Technicians
    Medical Assistance
    Plant Operators: Electrical, Mechanical & Civil
    Earth Moving Construction Equipment Operators
    Foremen: Electrical, Mechanical & Civil
    Construction Supervisors, Overseers & Estimators
    Electrician LV& H.T.
    Mechanics, Turners & Tool Makers
    Electric & Gas Welders
    Carpenters & Cabinet Makers
    Steel Fixers & Riggers
    Mechanics: Heavy, Light Equipment & Air Conditioner
    Masons, Tile Fixers & Plasters
    Plumbers & Pipe Fitters
    Heavy & Light Drivers
    Draughtsman: Electrical, Mechanical & Civil
    Hotel Personnel, Waiters, Cooks & Bakers
    Textile, Jute, Garment Workers & Carpet Weavers
    Computer Technicians, Operators, Programmers and Engineers
    Security Personnel


    Skilled Manpower
    Electric Helpers
    Mechanic Helpers
    Erection Helpers
    Carpenters & Stutterers
    Mason Helpers & Concrete Mixer Operators
    Pump Operators & Helpers
    Block Makers & Helpers
    Asst. Cook & Kitchen Helpers
    Laundry Men & Washer Men
    Shop Assistants
    Trekkers & Loaders


    We are looking forward to have your company demand and will be happy to serve your needs.